Take Control Of Your Perimenopause

The shift of hormones in perimenopause is inevitable. But it doesn't mean that you can't take control of your hormones and health. Join the thousands of other females that have used this custom combination to get back to feeling their best.


Estrogen Dominance

At this stage of your hormone changes the most important treatment is to improve how your body metabolizes estrogen by-products (waste) and correct the dropping levels of progesterone with natural, tested methods.

Typical Results Within 14 Days Or Less

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Relax. Rejuvenate. Revitalize.


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Join Dr. Yates on his drive to clinic each week as he discusses practical tips and natural treatments for weight loss, hormone balance and much more.

Hear From Our Customers

Take the steps towards a more balanced life and share in their benefits.

My sleep was terrible before I started this program. I was waking up all night and it was impacting every aspect of my life. A co-worker sent me a link to the Perimeno Bliss podcast. I binge listened to the episodes and then went online to purchase the products. Within a week I was sleeping through the night and finally feeling rested again.

Teresa C. - Perimeno Bliss Customer

It was so frustrating when I started gaining weight in my stomach a couple of years ago. Nothing was working, I was even paying for a personal trainer three times per week. After 3 weeks of starting this program my weight started dropping and I'm not near as puffy or bloated as I was before.

Thank you

Marie W. - Perimeno Bliss Customer

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